Available State of Florida Scholarships

The State of Florida offers three different scholarship opportunities to Florida residents. MLA accepts the Step Up for Students (formerly the Florida Pride Scholarship), AAA Scholarship Program and the McKay Scholarship. These are administered through the State of Florida and each has its own set of qualifying criteria. To learn more or to begin the application process, please visit the following websites. Each scholarship is subject to change by the state, and the parent owes any fees unpaid by any of the scholarships.

The parent is ultimately responsible for all tuition to the student account, if unpaid by the scholarship program. The parent is also responsible for each student’s scholarship management partnering with Manatee Learning Academy. The parent contacts the State Agency for all scholarship questions.

Parents are responsible for payment of the difference in tuition and scholarship. Monthly or Quarterly payments can be arranged.

Step Up For Students – (formerly Florida PRIDE, determined by income.)

AAA Scholarship Program

McKay Scholarship – (For students with disabilities)






*** Full tuition payment without scholarship includes free wrap around care for all ages

Volunteer Hours

All parents utilizing a scholarship are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per year (30 for multiple students). Hours can be earned by volunteering in the classroom, during recess, helping with lunch, fundraising, chaperoning field trips and many other ways throughout the year. Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange hours. If parents do not volunteer, they are responsible for the difference in tuition between their scholarship and the tuition amount. Example: If your child is in 7th Grade tuition is $7500.00 per year and your SUFS scholarship is $5800.00 you are responsible to pay the difference of $1700.00. Half must be completed by the end of First Semester and the other half prior to the end of May. Parents will be billed twice a year prorated for partial hours.

*** Discounted wrap around fees are provided to scholarship students at a rate of $195.00 per month payable on the first of each month ~ subsidized funding also accepted and payable monthly in advance

All tuition/registration/wrap around care payments are payable by ACH bank draft. A current form must be on file at all times. There is an ACH return fee of $5.00.

Students with bus transportation must have a current ACH bank draft on file. Payments will automatically draw each Friday. If a payment fails to draw, a fee of $5.00 will be imposed and the parent will be contacted to make immediate payment. If the parent fails to make the payment there will be no bus pick up until payments are made.