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These are very uncertain times with the coronavirus. Since we are a preschool also, our doors are still open. We care for the children of many of our healthcare workers and others that are keeping our community afloat. In doing so, safety precautions are in place that must be adheared to. If you are planning on your child being in attendance, you must follow our protocal. Safety is our first priority for everyone. 

Let’s Learn Together

At Manatee Learning Academy, we empower students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking. Check out our site to learn more about all that we have to offer.


Principal's Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Manatee Learning Academy. MLA serves approximately 200 students from preschool through 12th grade. Our goal is to provide an environment and educational experience that enables all students to become successful members of our community through consistent social and academic development.
At MLA, we follow a set of shared values that guide our beliefs about teaching and learning. We believe that all children can learn and deserve a safe, satisfying, and successful school experience. We know that high expectations for student achievement combined with adequate support and intervention will result in academic proficiency and growth. At MLA, our focus is to help children learn and grow. To do this, our teaching and professional development must be intentional and purposeful. Cooperation, collaboration, and communication are an important part of our educational success. At MLA, we strive to be life-long learners. We believe it is important to model respect and foster a caring school culture where students feel valued and appreciated. Finally, we believe in building partnerships between school, home, and community. Through these shared values and beliefs, students experience an education that is profound and lasting.
Our students receive an intentional, focused education which combines research-based educational practices with high quality curriculum. Implementation and instruction is informed by weekly professional learning and collaboration amongst staff. Our excellent school-wide intervention program allows us to meet the specific needs of all students. At MLA, we are blessed with many parent and community volunteers, which provide an additional, rich learning experience for our students. Our staff sponsors many exciting events and activities with a focus on students and education. We invite you to be a part of this process, and experience unparalleled learning at Manatee Learning Academy.
Jessica LeBoff



What’s Coming Up

There’s always an exciting event happening at Manatee Learning Academy! Take a look below to view our full schedule, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding a specific upcoming event.

August 4th - 9th Summer Camp fun week

Thursday, August 8th 6:30pm-7:30pm Back to School Night

Monday, August 12th First Day of School

Monday, September 2nd NO School Labor Day

Wednesday, September 11th Progress Reports

Friday, September 27th Father/Daughter Breakfast

October 11th End of First Quarter 

Monday, October 14th NO School Record Day

Tuesday October 15th - Friday the 18th Report Card Conferences

Friday, October 25th Annual Trick or Trunk at 6:30 pm

Wednesday, November 6th Progress Reports

Friday, November 8th Mother/Son Breakfast

Monday, November 11th NO School Veterans Day

Friday, November 15th Movie Night

Friday, November 22nd Thanksgiving Lunch

NO SCHOOL November 25th - 29th Thanksgiving Break (hurricane make-up days)

Thursday, December 12th Winter Around the World

December 20th End of First Semester

NO SCHOOL December 23rd to January 3rd WINTER BREAK

Students Return Monday, January 6th, 2020

Monday, January 20th, 2020 Unity Day (school day) bringing students together

Wednesday, February 5th Progress Reports

Monday, February 17th NO School President's Day

Thursday, March 5th, 2020 Dr. Seuss night 6:00pm

March 12th End of Third Quarter 

Friday, March 27th, 2020 3rd-5th grade Sea Snooze overnight at Mote Marine

Friday, March 27th, 2020 Astro Skate 6:00pm to 8:00pm

We have transitioned into online learning for all students. Students are online through Google Classroom and attend Zoom meetings with their teachers at least 3 hours per day. The teachers are still teaching class to the students virtually so that parents do not need to. Students can attend day camp for staff to instruct. 

Admissions Explained


When a child is enrolled at Manatee Learning Academy, a space is held for the entire school year. In the child’s best interest, we ask parents to make every effort to complete each quarter or semester before making changes in their child’s school. When a change is unavoidable, tuition charges will be prorated on a monthly basis. New students will be charged for the entire month when they are first enrolled, and transferring students will be charged for the entire month during which they are last enrolled. Report cards are released to students, parents, or other schools only when the student’s account is current. Transcripts are only transferred to a new school upon request. Unless a student has graduated, transcripts are not provided to students or parents. A registration fee is due annually from all students. This fee is not covered by any of the scholarship programs. Therapy and tutoring services are in addition to tuition fees. 

Manatee Learning Academy accepts the Step Up for Students, HOPE, McKay, Gardiner and AAA Scholarships as tuition payment. 




K-5 $6800.00

Middle School $7800.00

High School $9300.00

Annual Registration Fee $200.00


        5 week progress monitoring will assessed on all students. The results of the assessment will determine the course of additional academic support that may be required. Mandatory conferences will be held at each Progress Report for all students with an IEP/McKay Scholarship. Parents are free to initiate contact with any or all of their child’s teachers. 


       Report card conferences are held the First and Third Quarters of the school year. Report cards will not be sent home these Quarters without a conference. It is critical parents are involved in their child’s academic progress and bring any and all concerns to the teacher or office to be addressed immediately. When talking about a child’s progress, time is critical. Teachers evaluate students at the beginning and at various times during the year to make sure students are progressing forward and stop to assist where skills may start lagging. Please do not become a Fourth Quarter parent that becomes concerned at the last moment. We are available to you throughout the school year at your convenience.


Prior School Enrollment

     Manatee Learning Academy strives to create the best possible learning environment for your individual child. We do not teach to the entire class, rather we tailor assignments to your child’s current academic level and needs. MLA works closely with Learning Unlimited to assess all families and their child’s needs. Once a parent has decided to enroll from preschool at Learning Unlimited to Kindergarten at MLA, the Pre-Kindergarten teacher conferences with the Kindergarten teacher to review the student portfolio, behavioral journal, report cards and all student files to determine the best academic placement or any services that may be needed. At the beginning of the school year, the parent is required to conference with the Kindergarten teacher to review all findings and determine the best placement for their child.


    If a child is coming to MLA from a public school, MLA will request the prior school records and review all of the information to determine proper placement. Manatee County Schools do not require exit interviews or provide copies of behavioral journals or portfolios for the school to review. Information received is basic in nature, thus requiring us to rely on the parent for additional input for their child. A conference will be held at the beginning of the school year with the parent to review the information received from the public school and create an individual plan of action for the child.


Meet the Staff

Manatee Learning Academy only employs staff that meets the Florida Department of Education teaching criteria. All staff must have a minimum of a baccalaureate or higher degree, have at least three years experience teaching in public or private school, or have special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught. 

Pre-Kindergarten Three:

Cristina Hernandez


Hayley Helt

Debbie Cooper Dykes


Victoria Green

Kindergarten Assistant - Hayley Helt

First Grade

Ana Soto

Second Grade

Areewan Czap

Third Grade

Debbi Halbert

Fourth Grade

Derek Czap

Fifth Grade

Anita Griffis

MS/HS History

Bryan Zinna

MS/HS Science

Gabriella Goodrich

MS/HS Mathematics

Gregory Anthou

MS/HS Language Arts

Gloria Throneburg  

Does your child play sports?

While Manatee Learning Academy does not offer sports, students can try out for their designated district school. All students have the same opportunity to make a local team regardless of where they attend school. Students are required to maintain their gpa in order to play as well as for college contention. MLA will works closely with students to make sure they are maintaining their academic levels to not jeopardize their playing ability or future college success.  MLA is proudly an NCAA and NAIA approved school for college sports acceptance. 


Scholarship renewal currently open - new scholarships are also open for 2020-2021

2019-2020 Students currently accepted to Stetson, Johnson-Wales, Webber, Keiser Flagship,Warner,      St. Leo, Florida Southern, Barry, Trinity and State College of Florida


Contact Us

6210 17th Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209, USA

(941) 794-0088



Learning Unlimited is a private Preschool for ages birth through age four. Learning Unlimited is NECPA Accredited, State of Florida Department of Children and Families Gold Seal, USDA Contracted, Early Learning Coalition Contracted, Childcare Aware Contracted,  and a 4 Star Provider. 

Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided. 

Learning Unlimited uses the Creative Curriculum and the VALUES Book for character development.

Enrollment is limited and waitlists begin in January for the upcoming school year. Enrollment opportunities can change due to family circumstances. 

Registration fee $100.00 

Infants $185.00 per week 

Toddlers - not potty trained $155.00 per week

Jr. Pre-K 3/Pre-K 4 $135.00 per week 

VPK Wrap Around Fee $75.00 per week 

Elementary $195.00 per month 

Bus Fee $140.00 per month MLA



   Summer Fun Camp 

Students enjoy morning enrichment classes lead by our MLA teachers. Students are engaged in Art, Music, STEM, reading and math lessons to reinforce and learn additional skills. Students select weekly camps to attend all surrounding a central theme. 


Afternoons are spent engaged in the arts, science and outdoor games surrounding a central weekly theme.


Enjoy the entire summer or week to week. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are included. $100/week with a $40 registration fee.  

Enroll for the 2020-2021 school year and enjoy camp for FREE!

(941) 794-0088

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